Can I try the site builder before I buy?

Of course! Just try out our website builder demo to try all the features of our paid packages for 28 days. You get all the widgets and templates to see what kind of site you can build, risk free.

  What do I get for the $10/month price?

To check out all the features of our Basic hosting package, check our comparison page here.

  How can I pay for the site?

We accept payments by valid credit card and by cheque.

  Do you have an annual billing option?

Absolutely! To get the best value for your site builder account, our annual billing options provide two months at no cost compared to our monthly billing option.

  What if I want to upgrade at a later time?

You can upgrade at any time you want. Just look for the upgrade link in your site builder interface and select the new plan you want.

  Do you provide technical support?

We provide helpful technical support by phone and by email. If you have any questions, or need assistance with your site builder, don’t hesitate to contact us, or check out our Knowledge Base for step-by-step procedures.

  How do I make changes to my billing information?

The billing section of Station acts as your "hub" for our system; any changes that you need to make to your personal information, contacts, or payment information are made on the billing section.

  How do I Publish my site?

Once you’re ready to get online, just click the Publish button on the black menu bar of our site builder interface. You will be prompted to confirm your Publish request, then within a few moments, you’re set and can check out the Published site, or keep editing.

  Can I change templates after I have selected one?

Certainly. Your choice of templates is always available in the Themes section of the site builder menu. Scroll through all the available templates to choose a new one. This will replace the backgrounds and styles, but the existing widgets will not change.

  I’d like to start over with a fresh site. Can I do that?

You can reset your website at any time. Just go to the Account Management section and click Reset or Delete Site. You’ll be prompted to confirm if you want to reset your site, as this process can’t be reversed.

  I want to make sure my web site gets high ranking on search engines.

Search engine optimization or SEO is always important to getting noticed on the web. That’s why we made sure to incorporate the most critical SEO components into our site builder. Generate sitemaps automatically, designated sections for keywords and quick page loading ensure that your site gets noticed on the most widely used search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

  Am I able to undo any mistakes I might make while using the site builder?

While the CTRL-Z undo function works on most text changes, it does not function on server-side changes, such as modifications to the widgets, placement of widgets, or any theme setting changes. If you need to undo any of these changes, you will have to reverse the changes by returning the settings to their original state. It should be noted that any modifications will not appear on your site unless the site is Published, or re-Published, so if you have made a mistake, it will not impact your site's appearance until the Publish button is clicked.

  What is a responsive theme?

Responsiveness is a characteristic of sites optimized for viewing on screens smaller than the standard desktop computer monitor. If you have ever logged on to a browser on your phone or tablet, you have likely seen a responsive website. In the past, developers would create separate mobile sites to serve visitors using mobile devices, but this means looking after two different sites and it would not be optimal for search engine optimization. Our responsive templates adjust to the size of the viewing screen automatically, meaning that you only have one optimized site to manage while still providing an excellent experience for your visitors.

  What is Domain Mapping?

Domain mapping refers to the connection of the domain attached to the website being built. By default, we connect the temporary link with the domain name the order is placed under (note: this does not apply to Trial Accounts). Do not adjust the domain mapping settings. This may result in problems accessing the editor.

  How much space is allotted for uploads?

Our site builder packages are limited to 20MB of upload storage space. This is standard across both free versions of the site builder and paid versions as well, as the sitebuilder system is not configured to serve large files such as videos or audio. The YouTube and Soundcloud widgets are meant to embed video and audio respectively, ensuring that those systems serve the data rather than storing them and hosting them on our system.

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