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What kind of sites should use
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and professional websites. Select the package that
is right for you.
Free Webmaster Service » If you need a hand getting started, we offer 30 minutes of
free webmaster service to help you set up a landing up a
landing page, a contact page, or get some one-on-one help
with the site builder interface.
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Money Back Guarantee Duration » If you wish to cancel your account with us at any time in
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up with us is risk-free.
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Responsive Templates » Templates refer to the appearance and layout of your site,
and a responsive template is one that reformats itself
based on the size of screen or device that is viewing it.
We have hundreds of templates, each with a variety of
themes to allow you to customize your site with a unique
color scheme. We are updating our list of templates all the
time and you can change from template to template
without losing any of your site's content!
Disk Space Quota» This value is a measure of the amount of data that
can be uploaded to the site, such as images,
documents, videos, and any other kind of media.
500MB 1GB 2GB
Page Allowance» Our Basic Site Builder packages are limited to 10 pages
per site, while the Business and Business Plus may
publish unlimited pages.
SSL Security» All paid site builder packages come secured with a FREE SSL Certificate. Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Ecommerce» Our site builder fully integrates ecommerce capabilities
with a four step setup and provides an easy means of
importing a full product list.
  • Connect to Paypal or Stripe
  • Track inventory and sales
  • Receive notifications when inventory is low
  • Customize new product descriptions and images
Social Networking Widgets » Our Social Networking widgets include:
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Disqus
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Blog Application » Blogs are becoming a more common way of updating
visitors on new developments in your websites and
products. Our site builder now maintains a separate blog
component, so you can place a blog without touching the
rest of your site. You can also import your blog
from Word
Search Engine Optimization » Our site builder is configured to optimize your site
for search engine ranking, automatically configuring
a sitemap for submission to search engines including
Google, Bing and Yahoo! Our system also provides
simple integration with Google Analytics to let you
track your site's visitors.
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Restaurant Menu Application» New with our site builder, if your site is going
to offer the finest meals your restaurant has
to offer, you can now generate and print out a
fully-formatted menu for your customers.
Stock Image Gallery» If you need captivating images, we
provide an expansive gallery of stock
imagery to place on your site.
Basic Complete Complete
Advanced Tools » To get the most out of your site builder,
we also make it easy for coders to update
any aspect of their website using:
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Embedded Widgets
  • Page Scripts
  • Multi-language support
Media Widgets » Our media widgets include:
  • YouTube video
  • Image gallery
  • Slideshow
  • Soundcloud
  • Dropbox
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Toll-Free Technical Support » If you need help, we have expert staff that can give
you the support you need.
Multi-Site Support » If you have more than one site that you want
to create with your site-builder, our Business Plus
package gives you the eCommerce flexibility
you need for three complete sites.
Red X Red X Check Mark
Email Inboxes » Inboxes customized to your domain name.
Provides 25GB of inbox space per account.

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